How to Manage Your Frontline Workforce During COVID-19 Crisis

covid Apr 06, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has overturned workplace communication around the globe. When human lives are at a high stake of getting infection from this deadly virus, people are subjected to keep themselves distanced from others. In such a hurricane, it is quite difficult for many of the businesses to find their sustainability in the market. While most organisations have guided their employees to work from home, most frontline workers don't have these equivalent adaptable work alternatives.

The major question is how do the companies manage the efficiency of the field force while ensuring their safety as well.

Managers should be encouraging to keep an open line of communication with the team as communication is a two-way street. They also have to encourage the team members to take mental wellness time in these tough times.

Even though the operations have slowed down, due to the overall economy hit, the workforce should try its best to help the community with its solutions and efforts.

Unolo helps to manage your field force in such a situation in the most effective and unique ways considering the safety of your field force along with maximum efficiency.

  1. Task Management:  Push the tasks to the field executive right from your admin panel. Field executives can fill custom forms and upload photos related to the task. Hence saving his trips to the office to know the tasks for the day and submit the data at the end of the day.
  2. Real Time Location Tracking: You can always see the real time location of the field executive and also the location of the next task the executive has to perform. Combined with the data of the highly contagious locations we can avoid such tasks or ask the field executive to be extra careful while performing such tasks.
  3. Leave Management: The field executives can apply for leaves right from the app. If any of the executives isn’t feeling well or needs a day off for mental wellness they can apply for the leave easily which can be approved by the admin/manager thereafter.

The market is likely to change significantly once this crisis is over. Identify the capabilities you will need to thrive in this new world. This is a key driver of the purpose and objectives that you establish.

We believe this pandemic will shape our lives, our work, how we travel, and more for years to come. In times like these, leaders will emerge in unlikely ways.

Want to know more about Unolo. Please visit here and request a call back.

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