How to Retain Your Field Force during the Coronavirus Epidemic?

covid Apr 06, 2020

Coronavirus is certainly a new  term for the world. A panic situation has been created after the infection hit upward of 99 nations over the globe. As per the latest statistical data, the death toll has increased to 59,140 as of 04 April 2020.  

Talking in detail about how it has affected the worldwide economy, we have the deteriorating revenue reports of the business world. The Covid-19 episode has crippled the business operations seriously and is certain to increase the agony in the coming time. This worldwide scourge has made the organisations struggle more with regards to client handling. Reason? At times, when people are haunted by the contamination of Coronavirus, who wants to go ahead and continue his services in the public?

The battle is real for all the businesses who are somewhere dependent upon their field force to cater their services to the potential customers.  The greatest challenge that these organisations are confronting now is the difficulty in retaining these service agents to carry out their services just like they do in the past.

If you also fall under this class, here are a some of the must-to-execute steps that can assist you with retaining your field force even right now:

Supply them with Alcohol Based Sanitizers
According to the expert's recommendation, one should keep himself disinfect each time he moves out or in case of public dealing. The minute your field force gets out on the field to carry out their responsibility, it is your prime obligation to guarantee that they have followed the basic health protocol. Furthermore, the most fundamental among them is to get their hands disinfected with an alcohol based sanitizer. It will help in keeping away from even the smallest of chances to infect with Covid-19. If you wish to keep and retain your loyal field force agents to your business, ensure you offer them a bunch of supply of sanitizer.

Have a good supply of surgical masks
Addition of surgical masks should become compulsory for your field executives while they are at work. The sufficient stock of masks will assist them with staying free from the idea of getting contaminated with the exposure of the virus. We all know that right now there is a lot of frenzy on the planet as opposed to the ground reality. Yet, to battle this circumstance, take one step ahead and as a precautionary measure, give your field force executives complimentary masks so they can utilize them when out there in the field.

Equip them with the right navigation tools
You can not face any challenge of letting your field force executive battle hard to reach their assigned destination. To ensure that they are backed-up with the right route, get them a real time location map access. It would help in offering them a quick opportunity to complete their jobs with not much difficulty. Getting a field force management solution like Unolo that is well supported with the navigation of maps will help in letting you connect with the proper route of the places where your field executive needs to be.

Educate your field force about the dos and the don'ts
Indeed, teaching your field force executive about the pandemic and how one could keep himself from getting infected with it, is a savvy step that would permit your field executive to put their trust vote on you. It will likewise help in decreasing the frenzy around and will be a contribution of yours to the general public.You can send push notifications, messages about the right information to your field force executives. Unolo is a much-appreciated field force management software that is showing the face of successful technology to the businesses in such an epidemic.

Never hesitate to appreciate
Last yet not the least, value your kin, your field force executives who are your ally even in such panic. They value your appreciation and this is the ideal time to show it. You can send a thank you message to them by means of your field force management software or could give them a complimentary off to extend your appreciation towards them.

Want to keep your fieldforce updated with the latest tech, Register on Unolo or request a call back.

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