5 Ways a SFA software can help your online business to grow

sales force automation Jun 02, 2020

Today we all can see an obvious shift in purchasing habits for a client from customary physical stores to online markets. About anything can be purchased on the web. It's wonderful how quickly this change has occurred. The same can be said for the organisations that enter this digital market. The ones who keep up themselves well, keeping their clients happy, prosper like Amazon or Alibaba. While the others think that it's difficult to keep its ground.

By taking your business online, you increase your visibility which eventually attracts more traffic This surely builds the net gain but does that essentially lead to increased benefits? With an ever increasing number of organisations going online, there comes a greater danger of commoditisation. This prompts price competition and consequently lesser benefits.

Few ways to fight commoditisation are :

1. Product Differentiation

2. Target identification

3. Customer Satisfaction

4. Personalised Service

While Product Differentiation requires a great deal of R&D and cash to be poured in, effective targeting and consumer loyalty can be accomplished with the assistance of a decent SFA software. With activities such as Customer targeting, acquisition and retention made easy, SFA has been very effective in scaling up a business even in such markets.

Incorporating a SFA with your online business has advantages, as stated below

Customer Acquisition

A SFA programming can assist you with dividing your clients based on their ongoing exercises, items bought or even pages visited on your site. You can utilise this information to analyse the common trends in the market and target your customers through customised emails. It is an ideal instrument to monitor clients' purchasing behaviours and patterns.

Marketing Campaigns

When your segments are decided you can send focused messages to them. Presently with the assistance of SFA, you can automate emails/SMS based on activities taken by the client on your site. You can set different triggers on email, with the goal that the client gets a custom message dependent on his activity.

Customer Life-Time Value

Concentrating on the correct client is the most significant thing when it comes to competing in a commoditised market. SFA software can assist you with understanding their buying behaviour and preferences. Estimating CLV can assist you with anticipating their future worth. This can help you to make future strategies for serving that customer.


Once the CLV is calculated and the buying behaviour of the customers are measured, you can give different promotions. Promotions are one of the approaches to acquire client loyalty. With the actionable insights gathered with the help of SFA software you can give away promotions and offers that serve the customers in the best way possible.

Customer Support

The job of SFA isn't just restricted to client acquisition. With SFA the quick resolution of any problem is now possible. For clients to remain faithful to you, having a decent support wing is significant. With the assistance of a SFA software, you can rapidly get the information of your client and take prompt action on that. This will assist you with making decisions which can give remarkable client experience and are also in the interest of the company.


With everything taken into account, Online markets can use the abilities of SFA software to grow their business in an effective manner. Not only by helping you in your marketing campaign, but also in connecting with your customer at the right time and the best way possible.

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