How technology can help you to track your field force employees' health after you receive a permit pass?

covid Apr 14, 2020

The fretfulness among the world due to COVID-19 is nowhere near to stop. In the rarest of circumstances, individuals are compelled to remain isolated so as to maintain a social distance to limit the spread of the lethal infection. In any case, we realise that show must go on! Many businesses are still being able to function and have their field force out in the field.

If you are one of these, you must be knowing that you can serve your customers with your business, even in lockdown circumstances with special permissions from the government. To decrease the disarray, approved organisations are offering e-pass to their field force employees so that they can proceed with their responsibilities in the field.

Curfew e-passes are offered to these individuals to help the general public have access to the essential services. There is a standard system of getting these field force employees' health status and travel history assessed to preclude any chance of infection. Yet, nobody knows the after story of these e-passes holders! Befuddled?

Are you able to do location tracking of your field force after issuing them permit passes?

Field force employees are meant to travel a lot as a part of their job. We never know when and which of these field force employees would contact an infected individual. This may be like a nightmare for our general public where unknowingly the infection spread would proceed and that too with e-pass. Before moving forward, certain questions need to be answered:

  1. It is safe to say that you are able to track each moment of your field force executive when he is on the field?
  2. It is safe to say that you are able to review the health status of your field force executive when he once gets the permit?
  3. It is safe to say that you are able to inform the concerned authorities about the sudden spread of infection to your field force executive?
  4. It is safe to say that you are able to follow your field force executive travel history once they get contacted with a positive case?

If any of your answers is no, then you may think that you are in a tough situation.

Unolo to the rescue

Innovation has been the greatest friend in need that is offering its solidarity to society in these extreme occasions.

Unolo is the answer for every one of your difficulties that you may face in your business while serving your customers right now. It not just helps you to track your field force employees' present location but also gives you an option to back-track the travel history of your agents at the hour of necessity.

Why does your business need Unolo?

Your business is intended to help the general public during these hardships and not be the reason to unknowingly support the spread of this contagious virus . E-passes are being offered with a trust and you will never want to break it at any expense.

Unolo will help in:

  • Making you aware about the current and past location of your field force employees.
  • Find out which other people have your field force employees been in close contact to.
  • Helps you to find travel history and the people your field force employees have met in the last 2 weeks in case of any suspected and affirmed case

How will Unolo help the government and other authorised agencies?

Unolo is doing its bit by offering an all-inclusive assistance to the concerned authorities. There are numerous ways by means of which Unolo can decrease the operational weight of the authorities:

Access to analytical report

The authorities will have access to the analytical information of the location history of the field force employees. It helps in knowing the necessary insights regarding the entire field force.

Alert/notification to general public

When the analytics report is accessed, the government or the concerned authorities could make the necessary alerts and can inform the people with whom the field force executive had come in contact in the last 14 days.

It's time for you to act smartly and ensure that none of your activities can bring the spread of this fatal infection in our general public. Understand your responsibility and oblige the general public by picking Unolo. Always remember, the journey might seem long but every footstep of yours will make a difference!

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