Contactless Attendance in the age of COVID-19

Ever thought about what else you could use to get the employee’s attendance other than the biometrics system you use at your office?

Let me disclose to you why biometrics isn't exceptionally helpful as an employee attendance system other than to guarantee the user himself was available at the location.

You may believe this isn't the entire reason for having attendance? No, it isn't.

Attendance is about guaranteeing that the individual is available to complete their allocated duty. Except if you have some stick to chair sort of occupation like in the case of call centers or IT groups present at the workplace. Other than that biometric attendance system is essentially futile.

Why? State if your field engineer should visit a customer's place at 10:00 AM close to his home and opposite to your office's location. Currently you are requesting that he visits the workplace first to stamp the attendance and afterward go to the customer's place and considering the factors like traffic in every metro city you may have squandered his couple of valuable hours to get his attendance marked.

Another method used to mark and monitor attendance is through RFID.

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification is utilised to read the data accessible in a chip connected to an item e.g., organisation-ID cards.

The issue with the RFID framework is like the biometric system. The employee must be available at the location to mark his attendance, and it tends to be manipulated very easily by the employees. One can pass his/her ID card to his/her colleague to stamp the attendance, particularly when the association is large and not every person is recognised by face.

The best and the most effective way of attendance management includes a Mobile telephone. Everyone has a mobile phone with a GPS chip, which gives exact location to 20 meters.

With applications like Unolo, one can easily empower their workers to mark their attendance from anyplace on the planet with geo-location.

For instance, a similar individual, which was once approached to visit the workplace to mark his attendance can now mark his attendance from his home and leave for the customer's location directly. This  won't just spare his time yet in addition make his time more productive.

Some of the advantages of having a GPS based attendance management system are:

  1. Mark attendance from anyplace on the planet. No need to come specially to office just to mark the attendance
  2. No extra expensive electronic hardware required.
  3. It makes the staff increasingly productive and gives them greater flexibility.
  4. Geo-fences also guarantees that an individual doesn't leave or enter a predefined zone except if their working hours are finished. It is useful in the event of stores where a representative should be available for some particular hours.
  5. Reconciliation with existing HRMS is simple as the complete attendance system is on the cloud.
  6. Prevents unnecessary contact with the hardware which can be a source of COVID-19 infection
  7. Unolo enables you to mark attendance even if you are offline.So no matter if you are in remotest of locations capturing the attendance is always straightforward and reliable.

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