How to choose an employee tracking app?

Field force Management May 12, 2020

Why do we need employee location tracking?

Employee location tracking is a necessity in case you have remote employees or field force deployed for sales, service or delivery.

With remote field force executives, attendance is a significant concern for organisations. For instance, pharmaceutical organisation's frequently have representatives in every single significant city working remotely from their home. In a perfect situation, they ought to proceed to visit various specialists, medical shops and wholesalers, however this isn't always the situation.

Rather than visiting the area they for the most part call the wholesalers to get the stock status however mark their visits in the organisation's CRM. This way the organisation faces losses at multiple levels, the most obvious paying for the travel allowances to the employees which never actually happened. If the field force agent would have visited the clinics he could have given recommendations of his company drugs to the practitioner, or alternatives of the competitor stock maintained by the distributor. He missed all these opportunities and hence cost a fortune to the company.

Same goes with the FMCG area where each visit is a higher priority than simply getting the stock update from the stockist of the wholesaler.

This can be settled through an employee tracking application like Unolo.
Unolo gives real time information of the field agent's location alongside their route map and visit reports (which are geotagged) i.e., in the event that someone professes to be available at a location and the application confirms it then you could be 100% certain that there is no error by any means.

What to look for in an employee tracking app?

Recently there has been a surge in the number of organisations which offer you employee tracking applications or essentially Field Force Management solutions, however before choosing one for your organisation you ought to think about numerous elements.

The Credibility Of The Vendor: I am certain you would prefer not to pay for the services, which you can not get or need to struggle to get support. There are numerous sellers in the market who are transient sorts. Consequently ensure that the organisation you are chatting with is credible in light of the fact that you would prefer not to lose years worth of information on the grounds that a merchant becomes bankrupt.

Features Offered: Always take a free demo of the features offered by the platform. You need to do cost benefit analysis and pay for the product which offers you the maximum features for the least price. Always ensure that the pricing should not change if they increase the features in their app. This is the befit of going with the SaaS product as you get all the upgrades for free.

Accessibility Of The App: Fortunately, overall there are just two significant operating systems or OS which you should stress over. This is exceptionally basic that your seller has an application for Android and iOS both. In the event that they are simply offering the Android, at that point my suggestion is never to go with them since you can not control which of your workers uses which cell phone.

Costing: The service costing will consistently rely upon the features you are searching for. As I said before perform a cost benefit analysis and see which provider is providing you with the max features in the least price. Always go for a free trail before signing up with any platform.

For instance, Unolo offers a 14 days free trial of all the features available on the platform. You can sign up anytime and start using it for free.

Why can’t I use Google Maps or WhatsApp for location tracking?

Goodness! obviously, you can yet would it be advisable for you to?

They are not enterprise solutions and they are just intended to be utilised by people for casual location sharing..
The whole purpose of the field force management solution is to facilitate the work and not to place more man hours into it. For instance, if you use WhatsApp or Google Maps then:

  • You won't get any reporting (future or past days).
  • You need to deal with the attendance manually relying on the date and time they began the location sharing and finished it.
  • It devours a great deal of battery as both the solutions are not optimised thinking about the battery. Can you imagine what might occur if your field agent doesn't contact his client since he came up short on battery power?
  • No responsibility. You can not ask them any questions or get in touch with them for any assistance.

These are the couple of issues, which you ought to consider before executing retail grade solutions in an enterprise.

How could a field force management solution empower my employees?

Unolo can empower your employees and business with an easy to use app for the employees. The following features ensure your employees are encouraged to use the app:

Remote Attendance: No compelling reason to visit the office just to stamp attendance. Each attendance information contains the geo-tag, which tells the specific location from where the attendance had been marked.

Tasks Scheduling: With up to date daily tasks assignment you can save a lot of time for your employees with a clear picture of their day.

Auto Conveyance Calculation: No more mystery for your workers on the amount they have traveled during a day. Our application ascertains the same automatically.

Custom Forms: Get the information from your field force agents like Order Sheet, Payment Receipts or anything you can envision.

Expense Manager: Field force agents can directly upload the bills and ask for approval of their expenses. No more filing of the forms manually.

HRMS: A total leave management solution . No more manual applications to HR. Your agents can apply for leaves directly on the app and it would be sent to their managers for approval.

Sign up today and try Unolo for free for now. No credit card required.

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