Why Your Business Needs Data-Based Decision-Making

Field Force Automation Apr 10, 2020

Data-based decision-making (also called data-driven decision-making) is something you've just been accomplishing for quite a long time. Ever looked at the costs of two items when shopping? That’s data-based decision-making, on a micro scale. Data-based decision-making on a macro scale can save you even more money.

Each click on your website, each email you send, each swipe of a credit card, creates information. Data-based decision-making is utilizing this information to settle on better choices.

It's additionally an approach to future-proof your business. All that you do today makes data, however all that you do in the following ten years will just make more data. This coming data storm is alluded to as Industry 4.0, the next evolution in business, and you need to be ready for it.

Yet, being data driven isn't simple, either all alone, or across a whole independent company. If you gather even a bunch of data sources, at that point sharing that data among individuals and ensuring you're all in the same spot is difficult.

That is the place business intelligence software like Unolo can help. Unolo along with the correct data-driven habits, can transform your data into an advantage. Automating your field service operations accomplishes two incredible interlinked objectives:

  1. Makes your procedures to get paperless, and
  2. Gets you meaningful and actionable insights from your business data quickly and simply.

The automated procedure deals with all the routine administrative tasks of your field force employees like – handling attendance, overseeing visits, claiming expense reimbursements and collecting real-time data from your clients. In any case, there's definitely more to it than that. How about we investigate a portion of different advantages of utilising a field force management tool like Unolo:

Effectively oversee geologically dissipated teams
With an incredible field force management application like Unolo, you can deal with the tasks of your decentralised teams over numerous urban areas, states and even mainlands.

Streamline Resource Utilisation
Field Automation gives significant data to let you rapidly and dynamically convey inactive assets to beneficial assignments –, for example, visiting old accounts in the area.

Improve Efficiency and Time-Management
Your field force employees can report to work directly to the field by marking their attendance status from their smartphones. Why come in to the office just to mark attendance? It also helps remote and upcountry agents.

Quicker Decision Making
A smart field force management software gives you all tools needed to monitor data in real-time. Regardless of whether its visit results, distance traveled, field expenses or more, Unolo gives you take better educated choices and helps you make an informed decision.

Improves Teamwork and Collaboration
Field Service Automation gives all the instruments that your field force employees need – visit details, client records, directions to reach meeting destinations and instant messaging facility to stay connected with their managers and colleagues at office.

We understand that some of the above features might be more important to you than the others. But the best part of being a part of the Unolo family is you get them all. Unolo can help you take the best decisions based on data with a powerful tracking; monitoring & reporting system that comes along with convenient tools & workflows to accelerate your field operations.

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