Employee Location Tracking: Planning or Spying

Field Force Automation Apr 08, 2020

The appropriate response may vary according to your point of view. For example, in the event that an organisation can put cameras that track exercises at the workplace, at that point wouldn't it bode well to track activities that are occurring on the field during office hours? There are such a large number of productivity benefits by tracking the field force over the span of the day – apart from the obvious benefits of transparency and accountability in the expense reimbursement process.

Shouldn't something be said about staff worries about privacy? Astutely planned frameworks like Unolo handle data security thoroughly to guarantee that privacy is handled transparently and effectively.

Unolo with its expert & robust solutions help organisations to ethically and responsibly implement an employee location tracking system.Here are some good practices that we encourage our clients to follow:

  • Discuss the plan of implementing a location tracking system with your field force employees, and allow them to pose inquiries or raise concerns. What's more, don't roll out any improvements without telling them first
  • Just monitor the location of your employees to a degree that can be legitimized. Make sure your location tracking system either has a provision of auto punch-out or it sends an update warning to your field force employee to punch out so that their security isn't undermined post office hours.
  • Mandate signed agreements to inform your field force employees regarding when and how their location will be tracked.
  • Arrange a training or demo meeting in which every one of your field force employees are gathered and clarified how are they going to benefit by using a location tracking app

To learn more about Unolo and how we can help you please visit our website or you can call or WhatsApp on +91-9599936991.

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