How GPS Technology Changed Productivity Measures in Retail space?

retail attendance management Apr 17, 2020

In the modern time the retail sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. In the last couple of years we have seen launching of new brands and opening their retail stores in the cities. Opening the retail stores in the cities makes it convenient for the people to visit the nearby stores and choose from a variety of products. It starts with a few stores in a city and keeps growing as the company grows.

But it's not as simple as it looks. When companies grow and open their stores at multiple locations then their staff also increases which makes it very tough for them to manage the growing staff. It has always been a tedious task to manage their productivity and take the right decisions. If staff is being managed properly and customers are served well then it helps companies to grow at a faster rate. And make sure if the staff is reaching at the time when they are supposed to and not leaving the stores during the working hours. but if it's not done properly then things can be opposite.

How technology changed Attendance Management?

Managing the registers and keeping the paper records of the staff attendance was one of the oldest traditional ways of keeping their data for attendance and time management. Managing their productivity was never an easy task using papers.

As the technology grew, biometric attendance machines emerged as the new ways of keeping record and measuring productivity. But it has its own limitations such as being too expensive, setup cost, and not very reliable in the productivity measures. It never gives the real time data of the staff.

The latest improvements in the attendance management system is Location based attendance management system, which uses inbuilt GPS sensors of the smartphone. Basically a GPS sensor is a chip which is nowadays available in all the smartphones. It connects to the satellites and records the location data of the person who is using the smartphone through an app. Location based attendance management systems use this GPS location data to know their attendance at the retail store locations. Which gives a real time attendance matrix to the companies. They can see real time(also the past records) attendance details of the staff remotely.

Unolo offers a location based attendance management system with other features such as real time location tracking, task management, leave management and order booking.

Unolo offers many advantages over traditional ways of management which includes-

Zero setup cost

Setting up of the traditional attendance management system involves a high cost. For the initial stage or growing companies it is not feasible to spend high amounts on the setup. They also don't give you timely updates and upgrade their technology with the time. After a few years companies have to buy new machines to get technology upgrades. Unolo solves this problem for the companies. It does not charge anything for the setup. Initial setup is absolutely free and companies can pay as per number of their staff. We at Unolo upgrade our app with new technology.

Unolo is an app which has to be installed in employees' phones, and smartphone technology is getting better day by day.

Ease of uses

Installing the biometric machines is never an easy task. Initially it has to be installed by the trained person and also registering the employee needs the same. Whereas in Unolo, it is very easy. You don't need any trained person to set up and register the employees. You can register the employees through the admin panel and the users just have to install the app in their smartphone. The app is user friendly and very easy to use.

One account for all stores

It is essential to get the machines installed at all the retail stores to get the attendance at the stores. It is very hard and time consuming to get the data from different sources and combine it for the decision making. But you can get all your data gathered at one place with Unolo. You create any number of stores with the help of geofences(virtual boundary) with Unolo’s easy to use admin panel. You can assign these stores to the employees. If the location of the stores changes in the future, it can be changed very easily without affecting the past data and employees.

Real time attendance insights and location tracking

Traditional attendance system does not provide read time attendance insight and location tracking. If you want to see total head count at your retail stores in real time, it is not possible with the help of biometric machines. With the help of GPS location, Unolo helps you see the real time attendance matrix when they enter the store. Where you can see the number and name of people present at the retail store. You can even set multiple shifts for the staff as per their schedule. Apart from this, unolo also helps you track their live location, which helps companies figure out if the employees are moving out of the retail store during working hours.

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