How location tracking is transforming businesses around the globe

location tracking Apr 06, 2020

What is Location Tracking?
Location tracking refers to technologies that physically locate and electronically record and track the movement of people or objects. Location tracking technology is in use every day with GPS navigation, locations located on digital pictures and searching for businesses nearby using common apps. While location tracking is often associated with smartphone use since smartphones have a GPS chip, there are other ways location tracking is done.

Today’s consumers want more than just good products or services. They want better consumer experiences. Result – sharper businesses are already recasting their processes and operations to deliver them.

Personalised along with a frictionless experience is what businesses are willing to offer as a unique selling proposition to its customers.

One way numerous ventures are doing this is by deliberately picking field tracking systems that are based on smart maps, and are additionally embedded with location insights and location analytics. They incorporate tools, reports and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) that assist organisations with doing much more than tracking their field staff's whereabouts and schedules.

Unolo offers such services with best in class features to help give your customers a truly personalised experience they deserve. Some of the advanced location tracking features of Unolo include:

Be there for the customer when it matters the most
Assign tasks to field executives based on their location right from the admin panel. You can choose the closest field executive to the task location and also can push historic data of client visible to the newly assigned field executive – client name, contact details, last visit details, past purchase details, past communications, purpose of current meeting, and more. Hence attend to customer requirements in the fastest possible time along with the complete knowledge of the case. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Improved decision making to benefit the most of the opportunities
With Unolo you get the real time status of tasks (in progress, completed, delayed). Along with this you also get to know when the incomplete or ongoing tasks are about to breach your SLAs. Based upon this knowledge you can take impromptu decision provisions like reassigning tasks, rescheduling team visits in real time. This enables businesses to nurture clients with prompt solutions, especially at times of urgent/unexpected needs.

From a customer perspective a company that understands their needs and hates leaving NOW situations to TOMORROW is just the one any customer would want to be with. Especially in today’s high-speed era, when customers can easily take their business away to a competitor if the company fails to live up to their expectations.

Getting in-sync is the real deal
There is a lot that advanced fieldforce management software like Unolo can do for your business but one of the greatest benefits of the product is team members and backend managers are in sync in real time – even when the team is scattered across geographic areas.

Thus for a better customer experience and to follow the new wave of industrial transformation it is important to invest in new technology solutions like Unolo to offer the best in class, highly personalised services to your customers.

Looking for the right location tracking solution for your field executives. Sign up for a free trial today with Unolo. No credit card required.  

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